The core team of Ozone Zone Books is composed of:  (remove spaces on both sides of @ for contact emails)

  • Margaret M. Gajek, M.A. - art historian, researcher, award-winning writer. Email: margaret @
  • Derek D. Galon, M.A. ARPS - art photographer, designer. Email: Derek @
  • Anna Brochwicz-Lewinska, M.A.  - editor. +
  • Lex Nowak – technical photo consultant. Email: lex @
  • Natasha Bervoets (France) – French translations.
    Email: Natasha @
  • General Email: office @
    If you are interested in finding out more, using our fine services, ordering or distributing our books in your country, we will be happy to hear from you.

Ozone Zone Books
887 Walfred Rd.
Victoria, BC V9C 2P1

Tel.: +250-3600123
Fax: +250-3840123

Our representative in UK for European market:

Andrew Lewinski Tel. +44 161-439-1546

(Senior marketing and advertising expert with over 30 years experience on international markets)

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