Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean

Authors::   Margaret Gajek, Derek Galon - photography Natasha Bervoets - French translation

Awards:   Nautilus Award 2011 Benjamin Franklin - Finalist (bronze) 2011

Bilingual:   English and French

French title:   Jardins Exotiques des Caraibes Orientales Hardcover, 286 pages, over 500 photographs.

ISBN:   978-0981327914

Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean

“If you’ve ever visited one of these islands, this is a wonderful keepsake; if you’ve never been, it’s a temptation to go.”- Halifax Herald, December 5th 2010

It is a masterpiece, an amazing work of sheer artistry, imagination, and indeed of romance." - Stuart Hall (United Kingdom) BBC, ITV ( It's A Knockout, Look North)

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Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean

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Exotic Gardens wins Silver at prestigious Nautilus Book Awards 2011!

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This book includes FREE audio CD with over 1 hour of Caribbean nature sounds - a perfect background, enchanting your reading experience. Book also contains Web link to additional materials - playable audio sample interviews, extra photos, and more.

Showing a wide spectrum of West Indies' gardens, from a tiny garden in an urban backyard to spectacular places designed by renowned landscapers, this book provides a fascination and passion for tropical gardening with a lively touch and detailed research. The text is translated to French, making it a bilingual book for a wider audience. The gardens on display here include the Montreal Gardens on St. Vincent, Diamond Gardens on St. Lucia, and Hunte's Gardens on Barbados.

The final chapter demonstrates ideas for flower arrangements using tropical flowers, and step-by-step instructions for three sample flower arrangements done by fine flower designers from Grenada, with their original comments.

Overall, this born of passion book is of the highest quality in its genre, one the most discerning book-lover can be proud to own and display in their home.

#1 on Amazon's Gardening bestseller list!

Endorsements and Comments:

  • "It looks like a labour of love, and you have every right to be proud of it. And it's amazing that this is bilingual too. Just on the first flipping through, we are already overwhelmed by the images and thoughts. Congratulations!" - Robert Bateman and Birgit Freybe Bateman, artists
  • "Written in both French and English, this coffee table delight brims with dazzling photographs of the gardens but also includes intriguing tidbits about the inhabitants, gardeners or otherwise, that populate these tranquil island paradises. If you've ever visited one of these islands, this is a wonderful keepsake; if you've never been, it's a temptation to go". - Jodi DeLong, Halifax Herald, December 5th 2010
  • "This book is well written and has stunning photography, superbly arranged and produced. For those of us who have enjoyed traveling to the Eastern Caribbean, these are the pictures we tried to take but couldn't. This is the kind of book we want on the coffee table, to leaf through and admire." - Benjamin Franklin Awards juror 2011
  • Book endorsed by The Garden Rebel http://www.gardenrebel.com/ - acclaimed radio talk-shaw in Florida.

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Extra notes:

Fonts used in this book are slightly larger than it is typical in such publications, making it easy to read even for reading glasses users. English and French texts are printed in different colours, making it easy to follow the language of your choice.

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