Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean

Authors:   Margaret Gajek, Derek Galon - photography Natasha Bervoets - French translation

Awards:   Benjamin Franklin Award - Gold 2010, Eric Hoffer - finalist (bronze) 2010, BOTYA - finalist (bronze) 2010

French title:   Maisons tropicales des Caraïbes Orientales, Hardcover, 304 pages, over 600 photographs.

ISBN:   9780981327907

Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean

“A book so thick and decedent you can almost feel the tropical warmth penetrating from the heady images.” - San Francisco Book Reviews 2010
“A distinctive book.” - Library Journal May 2010

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Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean won Gold at Benjamin Franklin Book Awards 2010 in New York. This fine international award is given for book publishing excellence. The same title was also shortlisted for Eric Hoffer Award 2010 for Excellence in Independent Publishing.

About the book:

This happy and sunny, bi-lingual (English with French translation) book will take you to a few selected islands of the West Indies: Barbados, Mustique, Bequia, Grenada, and St. Lucia – exploring diversified life-styles as shown in a wide range of homes. From small homes in fishing villages, to heritage plantation houses, designer homes, an extravagant artist's studio, to multi-million-dollar mansions surrounded by sumptuous tropical gardens, and a surprising boutique-hotel that defies all standards.

Think of this book as an exotic storyteller, inviting you to discover hide-away heritage treasures, as well as modern wonders, all in the midst of breath-taking beauty of nature. There are also some additional advantages this book can offer. You can find there inspiration for re-decorating your home; or, if you’re looking for unique accommodation or sightseeing ideas for your next holiday, it may provide you with answers. You can also meet there some charismatic, acclaimed architects, should you need such contacts. The book is written in a very vivid style, with a fresh and personal approach. The photographs (edited using the newest techniques for juicy, vibrant colours) will impress you with their excellence and will stay in your memory.

Overall, this is a book of the highest quality in its genre, one the most discerning book-lover can be proud to own and display in their home. That’s because it was born of passion – the authors’ passion for fine architecture, for life-stories, for nature, for beauty in every form. The authors perceive fine architecture as living spaces, living entities that are constantly evolving and changing, thanks to their owners’ personal imprint and personal tastes. They are real Living Art, continually transforming itself under the dedicated care of their keepers – 31 unique treasures awaiting your discovery.

More comments and reviews:

  • "The authors’ passion for the Caribbean shines though on every page. The character of the lightly written stories, combined with the superb photography, creates a light and joyful reading experience full of the Caribbean sun. Sir Martin Taylor FRS, UK & Grenada"
  • “A delirious architectural tour of the most exotic and fanci¬ful homes in the Caribbean, this exquisitely photo¬graphed collection of eye-popping residences is bursting with playfully challenging design. While the work featured might not be applicable to every home, getting lost in the images is a vacation in itself. The sense of liberation and unbridled exu¬berance is nothing short of thrilling. This gets my vote for best book to curl up with in January when you want a respite from the Wisconsin winter. “ - Robert Bundy, Milwaukee Home & fine living July 2010
  • "You'll find instant, sunny gratification in the 304 pages of lush photographs... The words and stories are entertaining, but photographs are especially arresting. The colour intense pictures may well ignite your own trip of discovery to islands, leaving winter behind." - Ottawa Citizen, Canada
  • “It's a display of fascinating samples selected from the wealth of architectural styles abounding in the region."- EGO magazine, Montreal
  • “The new coffee table book gives readers a taste of the different architectural styles found on the Caribbean Islands -- in an extraordinary intensity.” - Times Colonist, Canada

Review In French:

Extra notes:

Fonts used in this book are slightly larger than it is typical in such publications, making this book easy to read even for reading glasses users. English and French texts are printed in different colours, making it easy to follow the language of your choice. Book contains Web link to additional materials - playable audio sample interviews, extra photos, and more.

Erratum - Corrections
As it unfortunately, but rather often happens in book industry, some errors and typos were spotted just after printing.
We are sorry, and would like to correct these as follows:

Chapter: Mango Tree Cottage, Bequia. Name of the artist painter presented there is Julie Lea, not Julie Lee.
Her site is and phone is: 1 (784) 455-4677
Viviane Usborne Child should be correctly named: Vivian Usborne Child
Chapter: Mt. Hartman Bay Estate, Grenada. Lady of the House, Rosa Lee is misspelled at one point as Rose.
Chapter: The Tower - Lady of the House, Victoria is wrongly named Veronica.

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