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With university education in fine arts, art history and engineering, with decades of professional experience in art-related works, photography exhibitions and awards - our team is well prepared to handle diversified assignments, achieving excellence both in artistic and technical aspects of work.

Thanks to the above qualifications and outstanding quality of work, Ozone Zone team has been quickly recognized as an ultimate partner, where there is a need for best quality photography with artistic appeal. Be it an impressive virtual panorama tour, or attractive and informative story, a set of artistic photographs, or all of this together – combined in a finely published book, brochure, Web site, calendar, or a poster.

While publishing fine hardcover coffee table books is our core business, our specialized, award-winning staff is also occasionally available for custom work as follows:

- interior photography
- landscape photography
- panoramas  (two types: for printed media, and 360 degree VR virtual reality tours for use on Web sites.)
- people and portrait photography, conceptual art photography.

All photographs are done by our own artists, in our usual "art gallery quality", with special emphasis on the artistic qualities and top technical accuracy, using the newest digital techniques. Panoramas have a particularly strong visual impact and are highly worth checking out.  More info on detail pages.

Publishing packages:
- The above photographic services can be further incorporated into printed materials tailored to your specific needs: brochures, advertising materials, calendars, books, etc.  
 - If you require a write-up, a story to provide the background to photographs - our art historian, researcher and writer will be happy to assist you.
- T
aking care of designing and printing, we will turn the fine photos you ordered from us into an elegant book, or an attractive advertising kit. Take advantage of what makes our production so special – our focus on the artistic qualities of the product.   We can also offer translation services, if your text is intended for a multi-lingual readership.

- Low run book printing from submitted material - our special package.
This is a special service for photographers and artists, who wish to have their work presented in the form of a fine hardcover book. Send us your best artwork as digital images, and we can design the book, incorporating your own submitted text, have it professionally printed, and deliver to your door. Quantities as low as 250 copies are now at last within your reach! 

More info about each service on detail pages.

Why Us?
Ozone Zone Bookssmall team of artists and professionals works mainly on our own top-end, award-winning hardcover photo books. However, from time to time we can also undertake custom work service orders.
Our team will work on your project with the same passion and attention to detail as when working on our own regular top quality publications.
While there are companies offering similar photo and publishing services, such jobs are usually done in a routine fashion, which in most cases means missing out something very important – the artistic aspect of the job! (You won't even know what you are missing, until you have a chance to compare!)
We believe that without a true artistic touch a work is incomplete. Only
top quality workmanship combined with a marked artistic approach can produce a truly memorable and appealing creation, something one would want to return to over and over again.

And this is what we specialize in. We are a small team of professionals with European university education in related fields and decades of experience. We will not approve the result until we are completely satisfied that it meets our high standards.
This is
much more than your typical offer from a print shop or a local photographer. It includes an extra dimension, something that’s perhaps most difficult to find around. This is an offer made by seasoned artists and professionals, which is designed specially for the discerning connoisseurs who appreciate nuances of beauty and execution, and look for such top quality work. That’s what makes us different from the rest.

Among fine and exclusive places which make an impressive list in our team's portfolio, one can find exclusive residences on the private Mustique Island (a destination of choice for many celebrities), Jalousie Plantation, Sugar Beach in St Lucia, Arc en Ciel and Beausejour villas, award-winning Cap Maison, amazing Jade Mountain and LeSport resorts also in St Lucia, La Source, Mt Hartman Bay Estate, Azzurra in Grenada, The Crane, Maddox house, Cove Spring house, and Fustic house in Barbados, Grand Lido Braco, Hedonism II, Couples Sans Succi, Sunset at the Palms in Jamaica, La Giralda and Portal del Angel in Honduras. The above can be complemented with numerous landscape locations like Diamond Gardens, Hunte's Gardens, or Montreal Estate Gardens in the Caribbean region, and with fine portraits of world-famous classical virtuoso musicians like Ruggiero Ricci, Vladimir Spivakov, or Witold Malcuzynski to name just couple of them.
We worked for many most prestigious clients around the world, as well as such luxury real estate agencies as Sotheby's International Realty.
The portfolio list is much longer, but this should give you an idea as to the exclusive type of locations and works in our artists' portfolio. These works created quite a stir, received very enthusiastic comments and were featured in various, prestigious magazines such as Luxury Home Quartely, and others.

Our fine photographs and creative writing has been published by many premier magazines and newspapers, including:
Debbie Travis - Caribbean Charm April 18 2010
Luxury Home Quarterly – Summer 2010 (main feature - 26 pages)
Building Savvy magazine vol.2 2010
ZING magazine (in-flight Liat airlines) vol.8 Summer 2010
Good Life Connoisseur magazine (Heat Wave feature) Summer 2010
Trellis – Toronto Botanical Garden mag. Winter 2011, vol.38, nr 1
ZING magazine (in-flight Liat airlines) vol.10 Jan-March 2011, 
Real Life magazine, March 2011
Luxury Home Quarterly – Spring 2011
Real Life magazine autumn 2011, spring, summer, autumn 2012
Pin-Up Architecture Magazine (New York) 2011
and many others...

On top of undisputed visual appeal, the quality work of Ozone Zone team can actively help you present your property in the best possible way often making the real difference between sold and unsold, rented and vacant, applauded and unnoticed. Should you decide to go for better services with an artistic edge, Ozone Zone team will be glad to visit your location too.

If you require only photography services, please check Derek's personal portfolio site.