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Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean

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This bi-lingual (English and French) book will take you to a number of selected islands of the West Indies: from the big Barbados, Grenada, to smaller St. Lucia, and to a less known St Vincent. You will explore diversified life-styles exemplified by a range of gardens: From small, humble backyard gardens in villages of the Caribbean, to heritage houses with extensive landscaped gardens, to fascinating botanic gardens, to multi-million-dollar mansions surrounded by sumptuous tropical gardens, and finally, to amazing, vast exotic gardens created by renowned landscape designers. It's a display of fascinating samples selected from the wealth of styles and plants abounding in the region.

Think of this book as an exotic storyteller, offering you an opportunity to discover hide-away heritage treasures, as well as modern wonders, all in the midst of breath-taking, ever-new beauty of nature.

Here are for you excerpts from selected interviews and some extra photographs. The book itself includes audio CD with sounds of the Caribbean nature - from various birds and ocean surf, to tree frogs, cycads and bats at night. Therefore we are not adding these sounds to this page.

Selected Interviews (excepts)

Hear the voices of people behind the stories presented in this book...

Frizers - Barbados Michael Goddard on some tropical plants.

Botanic Gardens - St. Vincent Morrison Baysden on history of the garden.

Gideon's Garden - St Vincent Gideon's views on organic gardening.

Hunte's Gardens - Barbados Anthony Hunte on his past and his garden.