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Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean

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This bi-lingual (English and French) book takes you to a few selected islands of the West Indies: Barbados, Mustique, Bequia, Grenada, and St. Lucia - where you will explore diversified life-styles shown in a wide range of homes: From small, humble homes in fishing villages on the shores of the Caribbean, to heritage plantation houses, to fascinating designer homes, and to multi-million-dollar mansions surrounded by sumptuous tropical gardens, and also, a surprising modern boutique-hotel that defies all standards.

You are shown a fascinating sampling from the wealth of architectural styles abounding in the region.

Think of this book as an exotic storyteller, offering you an opportunity to discover hide-away heritage treasures, as well as modern wonders, all in the midst of breath-taking, ever-new beauty of nature.

Selected Interviews (excepts)

Hear the voices of people behind the stories presented in this book...

St Nicolas Abbey - Barbados Larry Warren on past and future of the Abbey

Azzurra Castle - Grenada Nils Ovesen on creating the Castle

Fond Doux Estate - St Lucia Eroline Lamontagne on Royal visit, beginnings, and friendship with Lane Pettigrew

Willcox House - Grenada Neil Willcox on house and his father

Tyrol Cot Heritage Village - Barbados Donna Scantlebury on Chattel Houses

Frizers Plantation - Barbados Kathleen & Michael Loftfield on moving-in

Frizers Plantation - Barbados Kathleen & Michael Loftfield on house interior

Frizers Plantation - Barbados Kathleen Loftfield on Christmas Trees

See VR 360-degree panorama of Jade Mountain - St Lucia (opens in new window)
See VR 360-degree panorama of Arc en Ciel - St Lucia (opens in new window)

Erratum - Corrections
As it unfortunately, but rather often happens in book industry, some errors and typos were spotted just after printing. We are sorry, and would like to correct these as follows:

Chapter: Mango Tree Cottage, Bequia. Name of the artist painter presented there is Julie Lea, not Julie Lee.
Her site http://www.juliesavagelea.com and phone is: 1 (784) 455-4677
Viviane Usborne Child should be correctly: Vivian Usborne Child Chapter: Mt. Hartman Bay Estate, Grenada. Lady of the House, Rosa Lee is misspelled at one point as Rose.
Chapter: The Tower - Lady of the House, Victoria is wrongly named as Veronica.