Dear visitor, it is time to close this page and offer you different choices. After we moved from Canada to the Caribbean, Ozone Zone Books had been restructured and now most of offered  services are available directly from my own site. If you are looking for services such as coffee table book publishing, designing, writing, design, printing and publishing of booklets and other materials, fine photography and video -simply get in touch with me on my site

Our Caribbean-themed coffee table books published in Canada are still available around on sites such as Amazon, and in various book stores. Thank you for your interest, and see you on my site.  My site will show you examples of my photography, video and publishing works, including aerial photography, panoramas, VR panorama tours, and much more. A few examples of VR panorama tours can be seen still on this site, here (although these pages are somewhat outdated).

Thank you again,
Derek Galon

exotic gardens of the eastern caribbean booktropical homes of the eastern caribbean book