About our coffee table books:

With their exquisite art photography, our elegant books (sometimes referred to as “coffee-table books”, “leisure books” or “photo books”, take you on a journey through a select variety of unique houses and their colourful surrounding gardens.

We perceive fine architecture and gardens in their various forms of beauty, as living places, that are constantly evolving and changing, thanks to their owners’ personal imprint reflecting their life, passions and personal taste. They are real Living Art, continually metamorphosing under the dedicated care of their keepers, attaining the present state and shape – unique treasures awaiting your discovery.

We are proud to place in your hands our fine books, which, through a combination of art photography and succinct, enjoyable text, enhanced by personal tales and comments, bring you meticulously researched information plus fascinating stories about those extraordinary places. Think of these books as exotic story-tellers offering you an opportunity to discover hide-away heritage treasures as well as modern wonders, together with breath-taking, ever-new beauty of nature.

At Ozone Zone Books, we are always open to cooperation with other publishers and book distributors, delivering our highly demanded publications to readers all over the world.

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