Photo Panoramas

are among other services we offer. Main advantages of such panoramas?  They are stitched from many photographs, like a puzzle is assembled of many pieces. That makes them potentially much larger than a single digital photo. I did panoramas that were printed as ten meters long images, and still held incredible detail. These are perfect as mural images, billboards, and so on. 
Another type of panorama is  360 Virtual Reality panorama. This is different and works well on websites. With motion of your mouse you can rotate the view around you, up and down and sideways. it allows you to have a virtual look in all directions. Great to present interior spaces, gardens, etc.

While typically panoramas are photographed with a camera set on tripod (often with use of additional specialized gear),  there is also another way – photographing it with a drone. It gives usually stunning results and is worth consideration.

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