Dear visitor,
We published coffee table books full of stories and photographs collected during our Caribbean travels. It has been a great, fascinating and rewarding journey. We have seen some amazing places, we enjoyed our work immensely, we won awards for our books. We also offered full publishing house services, producing and publishing for our customers top notch coffee table books and other materials. That was all when we lived in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

However, this work had another effect – we fell in love with the Caribbean, and decided to permanently move there (not regretting it for a second). As life here is different than in Canada and work options also changed for us – we had to adjust.

Therefore, Dear Visitor, it is time to close this page and offer you different choices. After we moved from Canada to Dominica in the Caribbean, Ozone Zone Books had been slimmed down, restructured and now most of offered  services are available directly from my own site. If you are looking for services such as coffee table book publishing, designing, writing, design, and publishing of booklets, wall calendars,  and other materials, or fine photography and video services, aerial drone photography, video production, and so on  – simply get in touch with me on my site  or   or

I will be delighted to offer you all above services, be it performed by myself and Margaret (writing/interviewing), or we can be in touch with old partners, so your work will be done by the  award-winning team behind our first books. Our Caribbean-themed coffee table books published in Canada are out of print, but may still available around on sites such as Amazon, and in various book stores. We also have a bit of remaining stock on hand, so get in touch if you are after these.

Thank you for your interest, and see you on my sites.  These will show you examples of my photography, video and publishing works, including drone aerial photography, panoramas, VR panorama tours, 4K video production, and much more – now including drone mapping. A few examples of VR panorama tours can be seen still on this site (although these are somewhat outdated). All these photography, video and film production, drone mapping, wedding photography and services we offer here in Dominica, and in neighbouring Caribbean islands. As I am a veteran photographer with decades of experience, you can rest assured of the work quality -our trademark.

You can also read about our Caribbean experience, ups and downs of our lives – including the Hurricane Maria ordeal – on our personal blog

Thank you again,
Derek Galon